I’m torn about this. While historically some costumes were a bit much, some modern equivalents aren’t exactly the best either. The movies tend for more “realism” and muted colors while the comics at least try to keep some of the 4 color flair while updating the look. Wolverine’s classic duds? Awesome. Black leather? Not so much.

Female characters are slowly losing the bathing suits for something more practical. Gotta say while Wonder Woman’s classic costume always has a place in my heart the modern re-imaginings add some more bad-assery to the proceedings. Superman? Never should have messed with the classic. Ugh the high collars. And while Batman has been tweaked over the years the essentials remain (nobody messes with the Batman).  Others have lasted the test of time and still seem to weather it. Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern duds are iconic and still look pretty slick today (despite the movie).

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