Avoiding Spoilers

Avoiding The Force Awakens spoilers is a full time job. Reading rabid fan speculation was one thing, seeing an onslaught of trailers another, but actual hard data points that would ruin years of anticipation was the real deal. Skimming the internet was a verboten practice as soon as Force Awakens was released into the wild. Keeping your head low until you could duck into a theater was no mean feat.

Fortunately I was able to do so; although as soon as people started to exit the theater while I waited on the queue to get in I immediately popped in my head phones and blasted Queen. I could even hear voices discussing the film as I was walking into the theater! At the end of the movie not only was I overjoyed to see the movie but also had a sense of relief that I had everything in my pocket; I just had to be sure to remember that I was a different person than two hours and change ago and to show the same respect for secrecy that I had striven for to others.

Now on to Rogue One 🙂