I know I took a little liberty on some of those 3.5 skills for comedic effect but yes “use rope”┬ádidn’t make the Next/Fifth Edition/just plain D&D cut.

I really did like having a more diverse skill set to roll off of; made it feel like, at least to me, a more “rollplay-centric” type system.

At least the pendulum is in the middle now; swung from 3.5 with its glut of intricacy to a “simplified” fourth edition (cards! cards everywhere!) to the current system which so far seems like a happy medium.

Loving my Druid so far (except for being one of the few in party who doesn’t have darkvision; but that’s a human thing). Definitely not overpowered by any stretch; I think the other “melee” people are on par or outstrip the Druid’s capabilities. Gotta love “Flame Sword” spell though.