PlayStation’s the future taking over the past.

Once great giants like newspapers, record stores, and other “physical media” outlets are being diminished by a digitally distributed paradigm. The future is nimble and responsive. On the same hand it’s also unstable and perilous. I thought Netflix was over with that new pricing and structure flap. But look at it now; aiming at the cable big boys with it’s own original (and might I say quite well done) programming.

Other media I see having a fighting chance. There will always be those, I would think, that would want to wander through their local comic shop to see friends, join in on events, and just crack open a physical comic. I’ve collected both (thank you comiXology) and I still feel the appeal. That might be true, in some degree, to gaming stores. Used games are still a big-time operation (look what happened when people tried to curb that).

But as time marches on, I think more people will be drawn to the siren-song of convenience of the digital download. PlayStation Now, once in action, will offer a plethora of games from the PlayStation 1 on through. I, for one, missed the boat on some of the classics, and am looking forward to playing catch up.

I’ve been playing “Tales of Xillia” lately (great stuff BTW), but I don’t think I would have taken the leap to trudge over to my brick-n-mortar to grab it off the shelf (I think this is especially true of older games). But looking it up on the PlayStation store, and with other titles from previous consoles with PlayStation Now it’s much easier when on the fence just to click a button from that human-shaped depression on my couch.

I really couldn’t conceive of going to a video store anymore. I even look back at Netflix mailing discs and waiting a couple of days and saying to myself “I’m paying for this?” So I’m loving the progress and embracing the cloud and digital future. Except for Amazon Prime Air flying robots. They creep me out.